In March 2020 the COVID-19 Coronavirus began to impact daily life in the UK. 


On the 23rd of March the UK Entered a lockdown period. Even though we could continue to work as per the government guidelines we chose to close. 


We have been working hard behind the scenes with several of our contacts. To work on a plan for safely re-opening our services. Unfortunately It’s not as easy as putting a mask on grabbing a bottle of Anti-bacterial spray and carrying on as normal.


We have consulted, researched & taken advice from:


– Health & Safety Executives
– World Health Organisation
– Public Health England
– Professional Valeting & Detailing Association
– The International Detailing Association
– Insurance Companies

This has led us towards taking the actions below. 

What We Are Doing To Protect Ourselves & You..

We have taken a number of steps to ensure we protect ourselves and most importantly you!


Our Operational Document & Risk Assessment documents, go into great detail the steps we are taking. 

These also include some steps we require you to undertake to ensure a smooth, safe service is provided. 

It is Vitally Important that you read these documents prior to booking your appointment. Please fill in the form below once you have read the documents as we can then book you in for our services.


We have the right to refuse services should we feel the safety of either our staff or you (the client) will be compromised. 


*The documents below open in a new window.