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Here at The Detailing Detectives Ltd we offer a wide range of detailing packages to suit all budgets and vehicles. 


Whether it’s our entry level Protection Detail or our multi stage Minor Correction Detail we can cover your needs. 


Not sure on what level of detailing your vehicle needs? Book a free consultation. 

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Protection Detail

Our Protection Detail is our entry into the world of detailing. Ideal just before summer or winter.

From £130

New Vehicle Detail

Ordered a Brand New Vehicle? Then get it protected properly with our New Vehicle Detail.

From £380

Enhancement Detail

Our Enhancement Detail is a One Stage Machine Polish followed by protection to all exterior surfaces.

From £300

Minor Correction Detail

Our Minor Correction Detail is where we strive for 95% perfection to your paintwork.

Package No Longer Available

Finance Available

You can spread the cost of any detail from £250 to £1000 over 4 months at 0%. 

Add A Ceramic Coating To Your Detail?

Why not upgrade the protection on your detail with a Max Protect Coating? Ultimate long lasting performance..