Max Protect Full Surface Coatings Package

If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your vehicle then look no further than our Max Protect Full Surface Coatings Package. 

The Full Surface Package is designed for new or nearly new vehicles. Although this can be applied to vehicles of all ages.. results & costs may vary. 


This package includes the best possible protection to all crucial elements of your vehicle:

Wheels (Upgrades Possible*)

Exhaust Tips


  • Prewash Applied
  • Multi Bucket SafeWash
  • Wheels Cleaned & Decontaminated
  • Safely Dried
  • Three Stage Decontamination
  • Gloss Enhancing Polish applied by Machine (Removing around 50-60% of Defects)
  • Vehicle prepared for Coatings. (Panel Wipe, WaterSpot Remover & other preparation requirements) 
  • Max Protect Ultimate Glass Coating (UGC) applied to Glass
  • Max Protect UNC-R applied to all Paint & Trim Surfaces. 
  • Max Protect v1 & v2 applied to Wheel Faces (v3 if Matte or Satin)
  • Max Protect v1 & v3 applied to exhaust
  • Max Protect Ultimate Tyre Coat applied to tyres.


  • Door Shuts Cleaned
  • Interior hoovered
  • Glass Cleaned
  • Plastics Dressed
  • Leather & Fabric Protected with Max Protect (Other Brands maybe used subject to availability) 

Prices Start from £550*

*Prices vary per Vehicle Type & Condition so please ask for a personalised quotation.

Available Upgrades:

  • Brake Calliper Coating
  • Pro-Elite Coating 
  • Full Wheel Coatings (Inside & faces of wheels)

For upgrade pricing please contact us

Examples of our Max Protect Full Surface Coatings