Wheel Coatings

Alloy wheels are sometimes over looked in the detailing process. However we believe as one of the dirtiest areas of your vehicle, they should be well protected against the elements. 

Coating your alloy wheels can make for easy maintenance of the wheel. In the majority of cases wheel cleaners are not required, just a simple solution of shampoo and water will bring the alloys back to new. 


We offer a number of options when it comes to Wheel Coatings. We use Coatings from Max Protect, Siramik & Carbon Collective. 




Max Protect Dual Layer Wheel Coatings – (Faces Only) – From £90
Max Protect Dual Layer Wheel Coatings – (Full Wheels) – From £140


Price can vary dependant on the level of decontamination required prior to the application of coatings. 


Coatings from Carbon Collective and Siramik are also available. For pricing on these coatings please contact us. 

Video Demonstration