Gloss Enhancement Detail


Our Gloss Enhancement Detail is our entry into the advanced detailing zone.

This package gives the exterior of the vehicle a deep cleanse followed by a one stage gloss enhancing machine polish followed by protection of all external surfaces.

Estimated Duration: 6-10 Hours


Our standard Exterior Valet includes:


  • Prewash Applied

  • Multi Bucket SafeWash

  • Wheels Cleaned

  • Safely Dried

  • Three Stage Decontamination

  • Polish applied by Machine – Defect Removal 50-85% on most vehicles.

  • Sealant Applied - (Up to 12 Month Durability)

  • Glass Cleaned

  • Basic Rain Repellant Applied

  • Trim Protected

  • Alloy Wheels Protected

  • Tyres Dressed.

  • Door Shuts

Price From:


Price dependant on vehicle size and condition.

Available Upgrades:

You can also choose to upgrade your Gloss Enhancement Detail

A wide range of options are available. See the adjacent list. 

Should you wish to upgrade your detail to include on of our ceramic coatings then take a look at our Coating Packages. 

  • Interior Tidy - £30

  • Deep Interior Clean - £75