Our New Vehicle Detail  has been put together to ensure, that all the essential elements of your new car are protected.


A number of different protection options are available. We highly recommend a ceramic coating on new vehicles, especially if they are being used as daily drivers. 

Our New Car Protection Detail is for vehicles less than 3 months or 1500 miles. 

Our New Car Protection Detail includes:


  • Prewash Applied
  • Multi Bucket SafeWash
  • Arches Cleaned & Protected
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Three Stage Decontamination (Tar, Fallout & Claybar)
  • Safely Dried
  • Single stage Machine Polish
  • Door Shuts Polished
  • 12 Month Ceramic Coating Applied
  • Exterior Glass Cleaned
  • Basic Glass Sealant Applied
  • Trim Sealant Applied
  • Alloys Faces Coated
  • Engine Bay Dressed
  • Tyres Dressed.


  • Door Shuts Cleaned
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Surfaces Wiped
  • Glass Cleaned

Prices From £380

Upgrades Available:

You can also choose to upgrade this package. A wide range of options are available. See the adjacent list. 


  • 1 Year Paint Sealant – From £20
  • Extra Coat of Wax – From £15
  • Fabric Protection – From £60
  • Leather Clean & Protect – From £60

Ceramic Coatings

We have a number of Ceramic Coating upgrades available, covering all elements of your vehicle. Glass, Trim, Paint & Wheel Coatings are available.

Including our Full Surface protection pack from Max Protect. 


Examples of our New Car Protection Detail