Valeting Services....

We offer a wide range of valeting packages to suit all vehicles and budgets. 

If you are not quite sure on which package would suit you and your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

If you are new to us we highly recommend our Entry Valet as a starting point. 

All valets are carried out to the highest of standards by one of our highly skilled staff members. 

A non-refundable booking fee is required upon booking to secure your appointment. This is a minimum of £25 or 20% of the total cost. (Booking fees are higher on detailing packages)

Basic Exterior Valet

An Exterior Valet with a kick of protection

From £25

Maintenance Valet

Do you want a valet on a regular basis then our Maintenance Valet is for you.

Fortnightly from £25
Monthly from £35

Entry Valet

If you’ve never had a valet with us before this is the Valet for you.

From £45


Premium Wash

For those who want a bit more Protection with their Valet.

From £50

Inspection Valet

Our Inspection Valet is designed for us to get to know your vehicle and provide you with a Price for Detailing Work.

From £30

Interior Valet

Looking for a Deep Clean on your interior then this is the Valet for you.

From £70


Full Valet

Our best all rounder, containing an exterior wash with a deep clean.


From £80

Commercial Valeting

We have a number of options for Commercial Vehicles also. 

From £20

Looking for something more involved?

We also offer a number of specialist Detailing packages. These go beyond the basic valeting packages and provide polishing, and enhanced levels of protection.