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Client Booking Form

This form is required for all New Client Bookings. Please only fill out the form if you have already spoken to us regarding a service & have been provided a provisional date. 

All Bookings are confirmed by SMS upon action performed by the team upon receipt of the form below. 

Location Where Service is Required.

**Due to our insurance we are unable to provide our services on a public highway**

Billing Address (If different from above)


We are Fully Self sufficent however to keep our costs low & our noise pollution to a minmum we ask that where possible for access to an Electrical Socket. (We will provide the Extension Cord)

Available Facilites

Vehicle Details:

We ask for the following to help locate your vehicle upon arrival. Especially when we are working in business parks. 

Additional Charge May Be Applicable

Pet Hair

Personal Items & Litter:

All Personal Items & Litter must be removed from your vehicle before our arrival. Failure to do so may result in an extra charge. The Detailing Detectives Ltd will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items left in the vehicle. 

Marketing & Communication

We take photo's of each vehicle we work upon, these are stored in our detailing app for our reference. We often use some of these images for marketing our services, on our website, in Print & accross our Social Media Platforms. 

Use of Images

We also from time to time provide marketing to our current clients on our services, these include electronic Newsletters & Marketing Materials via Post. (NO Information is past/sold to any third party)

Please state your preferred options below: 


All of our work is invoiced, if you would like a copy of this for your records please state below: 

Invoicing requirements

SMS Booking Confirmation/Reminders/Completion/Review Notices

As part of our specialist booking application you will be sent a number of SMS messages as part of your booking. You have the option to opt out of these in the SMS once sent. 
These Messages are for information regarding your booking only & not used for marketing.

How Did You Find Us?

Acceptance of Service Terms & Conditions.


As a small business cancellations can affect our business. We ask that should you need to change or cancel your appointment you do so more than 48hrs before the start time.

If you fail to do this then an invoice for a cancellation fee of up to 50% or more of the service will be provided to you.  


Thanks for submitting The Form!

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