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Total Exterior Surface Protection Package

Kia Ev6

Our Total Surface Coating Package is the most in-depth service that we offer. 

Ideally suited to well looked after newer vehicles, this package includes protection to all vital elements of a vehicle. 


Our Total Exterior Surface Protection Package includes:


  • Wheels & Arches Cleaned

  • Prewash Applied

  • Multi Bucket SafeWash

  • Safely Dried

  • Three Stage Decontamination (Tar, Fallout & Clay Bar)

  • Gloss Enhancing Polish applied by Machine.

  • Lite Ceramic Coating - (Up to 12 Month Durability)

  • Glass Cleaned & Coated with Glass Coating

  • Trim Coated - Where Possible

  • Alloy Wheel Faces Coated with Garage Therapy Hades

  • Tyres Conditioned

  • Door Shuts cleaned & protected

Price From:

£550 Inc VAT

Price dependant on vehicle size

Available Upgrades:

- 3YR Garage Therapy Ceramic Coating - From £120 +VAT

- Additional Layer of Wheel Coating - From £50+ VAT

- Interior Valet - From £48+ VAT (Not Deep Clean)

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