Regular Maintenance Scheme


Our Maintenance Scheme is aimed at those who wish to have their vehicle cleaned on a regular basis, with the option to have additional upgrades as and when required. The majority of our maintenance clients have been with us for many years. 

We are strict on entry requirements to the scheme & you must continue to have regular valets to keep the low pricing. Prices start from just £30.

Should you miss appointments, we may advise you to take the Entry Valet to bring your vehicle back up to a maintainable standard. 

Terms & conditions of the scheme can be found a the bottom of this page. 


Our standard Maintenance Valet includes:


  • Prewash

  • Arches Flushed

  • Multi Bucket SafeWash

  • Wheels Cleaned (Including barrels where accessible. 

  • Safely Dried with Plush Drying Towels

  • Quick Detailer Applied

  • Exterior & Interior Glass Cleaned

  • Tyres Dressed.


  • Door Shuts Cleaned

  • Interior Lightly Vacuumed

  • Interior Surfaces Wiped

Prices From:


Small/Medium – From £30
Large – From £40

3 Weekly:

Small/Medium – From £35
Large – From £45


Small/Medium – From £40
Large – From £50

6 Weekly:

Small/Medium – From £50
Large – From £60

Available Upgrades:

You can also choose to upgrade your maintenance valet.

A wide range of options are available. See the adjacent list. 

  • Basic Rain Repellent – From £10

  • Tar Removal – From £10

  • Fallout Removal – From £10

  • Chemical Decontamination & Sealant - £60

  • Ceramic Coating Chemical Decontamination & Top-up - £50

  • Hand Polish – From £10

  • Durable Wax – From £15

  • Engine Bay Clean – From £30

  • Trim Treatment – From £10

  • Carpets Wet Vacuumed – From £30

  • Leather Clean & Protect – From £60


Terms & Conditions:

  • In order to join the Maintenance Wash scheme you must have previously had a Detailing Package, Full Valet or Entry Valet.

  • Any upgrades must be booked at least one appointment before, to ensure availability.

  • You may change frequency of the valet to suit your requirements. However should you fall outside of the scheme limits then we may request an Entry Valet is required to continue with the scheme. 

  • You can opt out of the Scheme at any point by giving at least one appointments notice.

  • If you miss an appointment your next appointment will be charged accordingly. 

  • Should a vehicle upon the scheme be soiled more than expected additional charges may apply. Repeat offenders will be removed from the scheme. 

  • Management has the right to remove clients from the scheme should they fall outside the scheme requirements.