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Motorcycle Detail

Motorbike in Snowfoam
Detailed Bike

Our Motorcycle Detail is our complete exterior cleansing package for your treasured 2 wheel vehicle. 

Firstly we start with a deep clean on those wheels & arches, Then we turn our attention to the bodywork, with a full safe wash, chemical decontamination followed by a sealant. 

We have been through a specialist training course to ensure that our service doesn't hinder your safety. We do not Apply Protection or dressings to tyres, or areas which are deemed as key safety areas. 

Estimated Duration: 3-5 Hours.


Our Motorcycle Detail includes:


  • Wheels Cleaned

  • Prewash Applied

  • Arches Flushed

  • Multi Bucket SafeWash

  • Chemical Decontamination

  • Safely Dried

  • Spray Sealant Applied

  • Glass Cleaned

  • Rain Repellent Applied

Prices From: £120 Inc VAT

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